Companth OID is the largest and most trusted source of online survival and preparation products. The idea of Companth OID was born in 2009, when we began selling information products online. The initial peak 10 publishing industry grew and had books, CDs and DVDs for nearly 1 million customers.

Companth OID now distributes physical survival and outdoor gear in the US and Canada, and our company has grown to become a leader in the online sales industry.

From beginners to experts, we cater to all types of people and organizations. Our mission is to educate those who are ready to protect their families and provide them with the most advanced products at a reasonable price. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to prepare for the potential threat of providing essentials for at least 72 hours.

Our motto is easy to prepare, and every time you visit, we strive to provide you with an amazing buying experience. Ready Made Easy is more than just a slogan – we believe that preparation is not necessarily complicated or difficult.

Enjoy your shopping with Companth OID!